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Category: Fiction

Short stories read by professional voice actors

Season 1 Episode 5: Science Fiction

June 1, 2020

In our final episode of Season 1, we present four stories that range from the far distant stars to places much closer to home. The first two, The Long Rolling Cloud and The Cryomonitor, are by Kevin Victor Rae, The Green-Eyed Girl is by Courtney Reece, and The Amnesiac Astronaut is by Mig Windows. 

Today's readers are Cameron Rose, Courtney Reece, Jimmy Marino, and Mig Windows. 

You can find Courtney Reece on Instagram @madamereece.

If you liked Cameron Rose's voice, you can hear more of him on his podcast FPR, Fake Public Radio.

You can find Jimmy Marino on Instagram @jimmymarno.pdf and on his website, jimmymarino.com

You can find more of Mig Window's work as an actress, writer, and filmmaker on her webiste.

We will be taking a break as we develop season 2! Follow us on twitter @MarvMiscellany to stay up-to-date on our offerings. If you'd like to submit a story for season 2, please do so here!

You can find more of Kevin's work at his blog, kevinvrae.com, and follow him on Twitter or Instagram @kv_rae.